Will I need planning permission for a new fantastic tiled conservatory roof 2022?

Will I need planning permission for a tiled conservatory roof?

In a nutshell, no. Planning permission was never a requirement for conservatories before 2010 unless it was large and over 30 square metres in size but it required the roof to be a fair percentage of translucent material, i.e glass or polycarbonate material. Since permitted development rules were relaxed, it has allowed a homeowner to do much more to their homes to improve them without getting local authority approval.

Building regulation requirements have always been the same though in the respect of the replacement of glazing or polycarbonate roofing panels must be equal to or greater than what is being replaced.

In the case of an insulated, lightweight tiled roof it’s easy, the insulation alone offers far greater thermal efficiency than an old polycarbonate panel and wouldn’t pose a problem in satisfying a building control inspector as long as the rest of the conservatory is robust and of good condition.

Some other considerations before having a solid roof fitted should include the age and style of the conservatory

  • Will it stand up to the weight of the new roof?
  • Is it built up from foundations?
  • Does it have dwarf walls built up from the foundations?
  • If it is a hardwood conservatory, is it in good condition?


Some conservatories aren’t suitable for roof conversions, particularly lightweight, modular kits that are built on small concrete piles for levelling and stability. They simply aren’t strong enough and were designed with cost being the driver and not structural rigidity. On other occasions where there maybe doubt, internal support struts can be installed to take the weight and then subsequently concealed by plasterboard or cladding etc.

Tiled conservatory roof

If your conservatory is predominantly U frames and doesn’t have dwarf walls, use a magnet against the uprights of the frames, it will give an indication to how much steel reinforcement is present within the frames, a good strong attraction would suggest the frames have ample strengthening and would be strong enough to help with the weight transference of a new roof or to carry the weight of a converted roof.

Do I need planning permission for a tiled conservatory roof?

If in doubt about the suitability of your conservatory being robust enough for a tiled roof conversion and are asking doing I need planning permission for a tiled conservatory roof, please just get in touch and we will offer sound and honest advice. There aren’t many that can’t be converted, so don’t worry!

planning permission for tiled conservatory roof

At Conservatory Roof Systems Midlands Limited, we use commercial building inspectors when required such as Building control  It is quick, easy and fuss free.

Building control approval at the time of installation means that should you come to sell your property, it avoids the inevitable price haggling or delays from the buyer’s solicitor whilst you get an indemnity insurance policy or apply for retrospective approval that could add up to 6 weeks on your sale time but hassle and delays is all it will create, it doesn’t mean you won’t get a certificate.

To aid that process, we supply a photo pack via email of each stage of the conversion once complete to allow for a quick resolution should you need to apply. Our material specification list also assists in the certificate being issued sooner rather than later should your circumstances have changed and a retrospective application now be a requirement.

Don’t spend time worrying about compliance though, we’ll arrange for it do be done when we do the work.

So if you were asking do I need planning permission for a tiled conservatory roof? we hope to helped you in some small way.

For any further advice or clarifications, please email us at: [email protected]

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