Will a tiled roof make my conservatory warmer in 2022?

Will a tiled roof make my conservatory warmer?

Most definitely! A tiled conservatory roof in place of your existing conservatory roof is quite literally like night and day, the difference between the two is huge.

And for something that takes only a few days to complete, it is certainly something you might consider if you want more usable space at home.

How long does it take to fit?

warmer conservatory timber roof

If you have a conservatory with a roof that is 15 sqm and if the weather is good of course, we would expect the guys to take your old roof off your conservatory and get the bare bones of the new timber roof frame up and in place and then make watertight on the first day if they cut the roof on site.

If they have pre-cut the roof in our factory, then the new roof will be up and complete, with insulation boards in and membrane and battens to the outside all in place by the end of day one.

Insulated timber roof

Day two.

Finish cutting and installing the roof rafters and cutting the insulation boards to size, membrane added and battens before then installing the foil quilt inside and then battening and starting on the plasterboard.

foil quilt insulation

A pre- cut roof on day two would have the tiles fitted and the stepped lead flashing installed with the internal foil quilt insulation, lighting cables, battens and plasterboard installed.

The installers would then remove all rubbish and clear away their tools.

Day three.

plasterboarded ceiling

Finish the plasterboard inside and complete the stepped lead flashing on the outside before clearing away all rubbish and tools and leave site.

A pre-cut roof would have the plasterer in on day three and he would be finished in the afternoon. He will clear away and leave and in less time and with a tiled conservatory roof and a warmer conservatory.

Your tiled conservatory roof is complete!

Day four.

Plasterer comes to your house to plaster the ceiling before packing his equipment away and finishing.

Your tiled conservatory roof is complete!

So, you will have a tiled conservatory roof within 3-4 days if you choose to go with us, smaller roofs could take less time and larger roofs will take a little longer but 3-4 days would give you a good indication of the time required and will a tiled roof make my conservatory warmer and much more useable.

taco tiled conservatory roof.

So how much will a tiled conservatory roof cost and will a tiled roof make my conservatory warmer – Go and have a look here to see what it might cost to embrace your conservatory space again!

For that added touch in your conservatory conversion, you can even change the colour of your Upvc frames by respraying windows

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