What are the benefits of replacing my conservatory roof to a solid, lightweight tiled roof?


There are many to be honest but probably the greatest benefit will be having the opportunity to use the room all year around because of the relative ease of being able to maintain a constant temperature in the conservatory because of the improvement to the insulating properties of the roof.


Several layers of insulation are installed during the conversion process and this enables heat within the room to remain, enabling you to regulate the temperature far easier than before with a glass or polycarbonate roof.


With this great benefit of retained heat, the conservatory can now be used as a conventional room, like others in the house. A permanent dining room, a kid’s games room or just as it was planned when originally installed, as a room where the garden can be admired and enjoyed in comfort.


Another obvious benefit is the way it will look once fitted, it will look like part of the property with a similar roof tile colour to the roof of the house, very aesthetically pleasing. It will certainly add value to your property, in pounds and buyer appeal if you should choose to sell. An extra room downstairs for a growing family to be able to use for multiple purposes will make your property stand out from the rest and be a really attractive proposition to a buyer.


Another great option to consider once the new roof is on, is to then paint the exterior of the conservatory. Great advances in paint technology have shown that a UPVC primer applied before a new, modern choice of top coat colour can really bring your conservatory up to date and add a real Wow factor and make it look brand new again. Add Velux openers and LED lighting and you really will have something that looks fabulous but is functional.

In essence, a new roof conversion and a refurbishment of the exterior can make your conservatory look like a modern extension but without the costs and disruption associated with an extension being built.

Remember one thing though, it doesn’t matter how much the conservatory originally cost to be installed, if you can’t use it, it was money down the drain!


For any advice on a tiled roof conversion or refurbishment of your conservatory, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to help.


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