Upgrade your conservatory roof

Upgrade your conservatory roof and you will bring your existing conservatory back to life and transform it into an all year round wonderful space.

All of our replacement tiled conservatory roofs are beautifully finished and have excellent insulation performance.

In addition to an upgrade your conservatory roof,  we offer sealed unit replacements, door replacements and even Upvc window spraying with a brand new colour if you like!

We have Plasterers and Electricians that work with us, so minor building work when upgrading your conservatory will be quickly and professionally carried out.

Upgrade your conservatory roof.

A tiled roof on your conservatory often then brings about thoughts of new furniture or putting a TV on a wall because the space is now more appealing.

We will advise you on blocking windows up with insulated walls, removing existing doors, replacing window cills to make your conservatory the extension to your home it will become.

The rain noise on the polycarbonate roof will be a thing of the past, so you might want to upgrade your TV and create a space where you can watch a film in peace, or send the kids to to play computer games.

We can also organise building control certification if required, no hassle and no fuss.

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