Why use timber?

We use timber to create our timber conservatory roof conversions because we know that timber works for roofing and has done for hundreds of years.

constructing a timber conservatory roof

Using timber for your conservatory roof conversion means we can control the process from the very beginning, from when we source our timber to the day we leave you with a fully useable conservatory with a tiled roof.

Timber conservatory roof

Using timber will eliminate mistakes in the manufacturing process and will allow for any minor adjustments when being constructed. Any differences between the survey and manufacturing can be addressed and solved on site – that can’t be the same with a pre- fabricated aluminium tiled conservatory roof. Any cutting of the aluminium components to get to to fit on the day of installation could compromise the structural rigidity of the design and may cause issues further down the line.

Timber will also help in overcoming any condensation issues that may manifest itself within the sealed roof once complete. These tiled timber conservatory roofs are a recent development and no long term testing has really been done, so sticking with tried and tested timber is the route we have chosen because it will prove to be a very versatile addition to your conservatory in the battle against the temperature fluctuations.

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