Tiled Conservatory Roof Conversion- Sunstop.

The tiled conservatory roof conversion has been tested by people like you and love what we do.

Having installed most of the different roofs over the years, we saw where improvements could be made.

We have taken a great idea and made it better, whilst keeping the design principles the same.

What makes it so efficient?

Our first aim for the roof  was to make it easy to install and easy to insulate, while improving the internal heat retention and acoustics.

We believe our roof is all you need for a tiled conservatory roof conversion to get the most from it throughout the year.

Our secondary aim was weight, so we opted for a timber cut roof  just like your house roofing.

Our roof weighs 34.5kg per Sqm

Tiled conservatory roof conversion

What material is it made from?

Being a timber construction, the roof can be cut off-site at our factory base.

Most of the components can be pre-fitted before being packed to ensure easy installation on site.

This means less disruption to you and a much quicker resolution to your install.

Our roof has had calculations and assessments carried out , so complying with regulations is easy.

What else is possible?

Once you’ve decided on a new tiled conservatory roof , you may wish to do more?

We can accommodate all your requirements, whether it’s new Upvc frames or Doors, to adding bi folds, roof windows and blocking up or removing windows, we will have the solution for you.

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