Super Conservatory spraying new 2021.

Conservatory spraying and a tiled conservatory roof will make your conservatory look 15 years younger!

Have you ever sat in your garden and looked at your Upvc conservatory and wished it wasn’t the colour you chose 15 years ago?

Here at Conservatory Roof Systems, we anticipated the shift in modern colour choices and set about offering a service that could transform your conservatory for a fraction of the cost of a replacement and with minimal disruption.

conservatory spraying

A new colour scheme to get your Upvc conservatory spraying underway will create a whole new aesthetic to your garden and will allow you to plant and furnish your outside space with colours that weren’t suited before. Now just a subtle change to a fence colour or a particular potted plant against the new colour could make it feel like a different garden and let your imagination take over again.

With conservatory spraying we use a paint system that has been designed for Upvc substrates, we can paint or spray the new colour and it is available in an almost infinite range of colours like industry-standard RAL or BS.

We can even colour match to a colour of your choice. We offer a 10-year guarantee against cracking, peeling or flaking and that is because the paint forms a molecular cross bond with the Upvc and becomes part of it and not just sitting on the surface.

This innovative paint system will transform your conservatory in as little as two days and with no disruption. Conservatory spraying really is a solid alternative to relacing your perfectly good frames if the colour is the only reason to change.

Conservatory spraying is a really affordable alternative to having your conservatory demolished and starting again.  None of us likes the disruption of building works, particularly in the colder months when the ground is often wet.

We use our sister company Colourmy Limited to carry out all our colour change and spraying works so there are no delays ( other than weather related) to getting your work completed. You can go over to Colourmy to learn more about the process.


conservatory spraying

With prices from just £795 to recolour your conservatory in a coating that will last, please email: [email protected] for a free quotation or advice on how we can help to transform your conservatory.

A new colour.

Whilst a new colour will rejuvenate the look of your conservatory, it won’t improve the temperature inside, that stems from the roof. It is likely that you have a polycarbonate or glass roof currently and while the light it offers can be a great mood lifter for 3  months of the year, the inability to retain heat during the colder months followed by the solar gain issues during the warmer months makes it a pretty unusable room and a waste of a perfectly good space.

A new roof will enable the room to be used for many purposes; an office, a dining room, a kids games room, or just a place to sit in and relax whilst enjoying the garden.

Our solid roof solutions will remove the inherent problem of solar gain and offer a thermally efficient improvement on the plastic or glass panels they have replaced and a tiled conservatory roof will offer far greater heat retention in the colder months, allowing the conservatory to be a 365 days a year room.

If you’d like to learn more about conservatory spraying or have questions about spraying Upvc, please go over here:

If you would like any advice on anything related to improving your conservatory, please drop us an email and we are only to help or give advice. [email protected]




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