Sunstop Fourcore Conservatory Roof System

Early 2018 will see us launch a new flagship product in the conservatory roof and ceiling conversion line.


The Sunstop Fourcore replacement conservatory roof system has been reasearched and designed to be the most effective, versatile and lightweight replacement roof option on the market, whilst remaining an affordable option to most conservatory owners.


Having installed most of the larger manufacturer roofs over the years, we saw areas where improvements could be made to the product and the process. We have taken the opportunity to create an ideal solution by considering cost, installation and thermal efficiency, whilst keeping the design principles the same. We considered where something should be improved, whilst maintaining the features that didn’t need to change, resulting in a less expensive solution that wasn’t over-engineered.


Our primary objective for the roof system was to incorporate four core layers of insulation into the design to enable maximum solar radiation reflection, while  improving the internal heat retention and acoustics. This method creates a dense feeling to the ceiling, which is more like a room in the house and much less like a conservatory.


We believe four layers of insulation is the optimum requirement for a conservatory roof to get the most from it throughout the year.


Our secondary consideration was weight, so we opted for a timber cut roof frame so the tiles can be fitted to a batten, just like conventional roofing. This removes the extra weight of a solid board, as many other options require. Timber frames also allow for an external soffit for LED installation if required.


Another very important factor is mis-measurement, so if a mistake has been made, it’s easy to remedy. An aluminium framed construction just doesn’t have that installation versatility.


Being a timber construction, the roof can be cut off-site at our manufacturing base. Most of the insulation and external components can be pre-fitted before being labelled and packed to ensure swift delivery and easy installation on site. This means less disruption and a quicker resolution to your ineffective conservatory roof problems.


Fourcore comes with building regulations as standard, so we take on that responsibility for you. It even comes with premium LEDs fitted free.


Internal or external lighting pelmets are optionally available, as are Velux openers. If you’d like something a little more, we can install bespoke glazing panels to give the roof the Hybrid look. These retain an element of natural light without compromising on thermal efficiency.


The Sunstop Fourcore lightweight option will be available from £4,395 fully installed.


For more information, please send us an email to:

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