A conservatory roof upgrade for summer 2021 might just be the tonic you need.

With the prospect of a holiday this Summer looking just as unlikely as it was last year, the time might now be right to consider improving elements of your home to enable the better months of the year be enjoyed at home and in your garden.

There are many ways to improve the way your home works for you, like updating your kitchen and making it open plan to allow it to be the hub of the home.

Adding an extension to increase the footprint and add all important space to your living space. You could of course already have all the space you need but just need what you already have to be more useful and on more days of the year.

How do you do that?

You start by looking at what space you already have and look to see how it would become more of a benefit to you and how would the space need to change to allow you to do what you want with the space.

A conservatory is and has been, a very popular addition to the home and there are probably around 5 million conservatories or sun rooms in existence today but probably nowhere near that number being used for more than a few months of the year. That is a tragedy!

A conservatory roof upgrade can be the answer to 99% of conservatory problems in the UK today. Simply put, a conservatory is either too hot or too cold over a 12 month period and the only permanent solution to that is to upgrade the roof to a solid, insulated roof. Carrying out this upgrade will solve the under use of a conservatory almost overnight and should be the first consideration to an existing conservatory that isn’t used anymore.

inside of a conservatory roof upgrade

Replacing the old conservatory roof with an upgraded, insulated and tiled conservatory roof upgrade will immediately make you think about how much more you can use your conservatory  all through the summer months and well into the colder winter months, taking in the seasonal changes and colours of your garden, along with the wildlife.

With additional plastering, new sealed units and maybe a bi folding door addition, your conservatory can really become the pathway to your garden from your home and you’ll really start enjoying your conservatory again!

We will happily advise you on what is possible and what isn’t with your existing conservatory and let you know almost instantly what it will cost to upgrade your conservatory roof.

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