New Brilliant Conservatory roof in Leicester in 2022?

Which conservatory roof in Leicester is right for me?

A conservatory roof in Leicester that is tiled to replace your existing roof is a very popular and functional improvement right now, it ends the decades of infrequent use that conservatories have become renowned for.
The addition of a solid roof and insulated ceiling to a conservatory enables the space to be used much more frequently and has the potential to be decorated and furnished much like a room in the home.

As with most things, there are options available, and the narrative below is intended only as advice and is what I would expect you to receive from other sources. This advice is not an exhaustive list either, there will be additional points and exceptions to consider prior to making your decision.

Conservatory roof in Leicester

Which conservatory roof in Leicester?

Using your existing frame to build onto and underneath the frame with the materials is a perfectly acceptable method of carrying out the work but certain factors should be considered first, such as roof condition and pitch, style and age, the span of the roof, the structural rigidity of the conservatory and the presence of brickwork relative to framework and glass. There are limitations to the level of insulation used too with a conversion because the height of the existing roof bars determines the available space for rigid PIR insulation, like Celotex. A building regulation certificate may be harder to get in 2020 too with an existing frame converted roof.


There may be instances where the tiled conservatory roof near Leicester may or may not be suitable though and these are just two examples. A reputable advisor should bring these to your attention.
A converted roof relies on the roof frame being fixed correctly, in good condition, and a conventional style where structural strength was considered at the point of manufacture. Of course, there may be hidden defects within that frame that aren’t immediately apparent and that could be an issue further down the line.

A replacement tiled conservatory roof for your conservatory is the other option. In component form, it uses the same materials as a converted roof with exception of the roof frame and additional insulation but again, sometimes it’s not a suitable application if the existing conservatory roofs near leicester isn’t strong enough to sustain the extra weight.

A new conservatory roof in Leicester?

Installing a new tiled conservatory roof near Leicester has benefits. You could change the roof style from an Edwardian to a Georgian for example. A new roof creates all-new fixing points on the house wall and can be strengthened further without obstructing the material components at the point of fitting. A replacement roof allows further insulation opportunities and of course, the lifespan of the roof starts from the point of installation.

With a new roof though comes a new ring beam (the material between the top of windows and roof), this means the old one needs to be removed and this could make the window frames lose some integrity and may not re-seal as well as they were prior to the ring beam removal. An installer should check for this though during the installation.

Decisions, decisions..

There are pros and cons to both tiled conservatory roofs near Leicester options when all things are considered equally. It is worth noting that since July 2020 the existing frame option may not get building control approval but both can be covered by a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee.

Once the considerations above have been factored into your situation and conservatory, then it becomes a decision based on your preference for a tiled conservatory roof near  Leicester.

You may find that after you have had your tiled conservatory roof installed, that you might like to get the conservatory resprayed? We suggest you try over here to get a competitive quote for uPVC spraying.

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