Have you thought about a new paint colour for your Upvc conservatory?

The answer is probably no because you thought you were stuck with the colour you have now and would only be able to change it by purchasing new windows and doors for your conservatory. That has all changed in recent years, money and research has been carried out by company’s that manufacture paint to now allow us to safely and effectively change the colour of our Upvc frames and update the look of our conservatories, windows and doors for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

As part of our day to day work replacing conservatory roofs to solid, tiled conservatory roofs, we were asked if we could give any advice with regards the remaining Upvc after a new roof fitment and the answer was always replace for new ones in one of the available colours, not really the answer anyone was hoping for really, so off we went to see what we could offer as advice or a service to enable a completely different look to just a new roof , fascias and guttering, we needed to find a product that would apply well and last, we found Kolorbond Upvc paint from  Technispray in Birmingham.

It has a 10 year guarantee against peeling, cracking or flaking, it is designed to stay put. It is available in nearly 30,000 colours and looks fantastic when applied. Some of the RAL colours available are here- colours . Many other colours are available and existing colours can be colour matched to include Dulux, Farrow and Ball etc.

The process is really simple. We apply specific cleaning chemicals and give the framework a thorough clean, twice if necessary before filling any imperfections and then using a mild abrasive pad, give the surface a final rub over. This allows the surface to accept the chemicals in the paint and form a molecular cross bond once applied, before wiping any dust and debris away with a pre-paint wipe. The next stage is to completely mask all areas that aren’t to be painted using masking paper and low tack masking tape.

Finally, we spray the chosen colour onto the prepared frames, giving two light coats initially before a final third coat to give the depth and shine required. The paint is touch dry within 10 minutes ( weather conditions permitting ) and the masking paper is removed to reveal a transformed conservatory in your new chosen colour before cleaning the glass and tidying away. The work can be completed in one day in most instances, so the disruption to you is minimal.

For a quotation or some friendly advice, please email us at : [email protected] or call: 0116 2910049