Fantastic tiled conservatory roof cost in 2022?

How much does a tiled conservatory roof cost in Leicester?

A good question and the quick answer would be between £260-£900 per sqm for a tiled conservatory roof cost.

Our current price is £600 per sqm. That includes everything required to complete the new roof. So, a new timber roof cut on site, 2 Levels of insulation- 100mm Celotexx and a 40mm foil quilt, 12,5mm foil backed plasterboard, Dimmable LED’s, new lead flashing, new fascia and guttering, all waste removed and you will also get an electrical test certificate. 

The only things we don’t include are the painted ceiling once the plaster has dried or the cost of building regulation approval should you want it.

All home improvements, including a tiled conservatory roof cost,  are priced on their individual requirements. Some projects may need box gutters installing or re-lining with lead, extra plastering to brick walls, sealed units replacing, radiators relocating or extra electrical work.

Additions such as Velux opening roof windows and lighting pelmets will increase the cost too. In some instances, building control certification would be included as well. For further info on building control, please see here.

Tiled conservatory roof cost in Leicester are essentially broken down into three categories. Convert your existing roof frame, fit a new timber roof or fit a new aluminum roof.

All three have different price points but all three give the same product once fitted, an insulated, tiled roof for your conservatory.

The size obviously plays a big part in the cost and the shape of your roof style

As with every other industry, someone will always be more expensive than someone else and this one won’t be any different to be honest but the important thing to understand here is that the operating costs of one business aren’t always equal to another and that is where the difference between pricing will be.

Why do quotes differ so much?

A company with a huge manufacturing facility cannot afford to offer their business at the same rates as a man working from the back of his van where his only cost is himself.

That doesn’t mean the end product will differ at all, it just means the larger tiled conservatory roof company has to charge more to operate and cover overheads.

Many tiled conservatory roof companies operate a commission structure to encourage higher sale prices, so if you get three quotes for what seems to be a very similar product and the prices vary significantly, that may well be the reason why. We recommend you get two quotes and then give us a call, we are that confident of our product and pricing.

I’ve seen quotes from a tiled roof company in Northampton offering the same timber bespoke product as ourselves being nearly £2000 more than us on a roof less than 10 square metres.

I’ve no doubt they do an excellent job and have heard some great things but £2000 is a lot of money, that would pay for the new furniture you will need once the roof has been converted!

timber conservatory roof

Some points to consider here are that a cost per Sqm at the lower end of the scale will get you a more affordable product but it may mean you forego any long term assurances in respect of guaranteeing the product.

A letter of guarantee is not worth a lot if the installer is nowhere to be seen, so going with an installer that offers an insurance backed guarantee should be your first requirement and might explain some differences in the tiled conservatory roof cost.

Insurance backed guarantees

Insurance-backed guarantees cost the installer and that cost will have been included in your fitting cost, if yours doesn’t offer one, the chances are the installer didn’t get past the vetting process of the guarantee provider.

The guarantee also insures your deposit if you pay one before being transferred to project sum once the install is complete. This gives peace of mind from the outset.

You must insist on seeing confirmation of this prior to going ahead or signing a contract. Even call the Insurance company to confirm the installer is approved with them and has the authority to offer the guarantee.

It will be much easier to find out at this stage of the process rather than wait until the work has been carried out to find out the guarantee you have been issued isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

Remember, almost all will offer a 10 year guarantee but the company may not be around in 10 years, so remember, a 10 year insurance backed guarantee is what covers your investment and is the absolute minimum you should be offered when looking for a tiled conservatory roof cost.

What VAT rate should I be being charged?

A registered company and a tiled conservatory roof company registered for VAT would be a prudent choice too. A registered company is transparent and accountable and if registered for VAT, the chances are they install a fair few products and aren’t attempting to fly under the radar so to speak.

The VAT rate charged seems to also cause some confusion because improving insulation can be charged at 5% but the HMRC website is very clear on this, section 2.3.2. If the insulation element is part of a bigger project, i.e changing the roof, then the standard rate of 20% applies.

This has been mentioned here because you may find you get a quote from the tiled conservatory roof company that is very similar to another  but they are charging VAT at different rates. Simply put, the company paying 5% to the HMRC is taking a huge risk but also a further 15% from you as profit.

Sign written vehicles are a good indicator of  someone that is happy to be seen doing what they do and by anybody, particularly someone in authority.

A sign written vehicle fleet shows openness on the part of the installers and should be seen as a safe step towards getting a quality product fitted and that after care should it be required will be a trouble free experience. It’s also great advertising for them whilst they are parked on your street!

A branded existence will go someway to justifying the tiled conservatory roof cost.

And finally, public liability insurance, it is an essential requirement for any company to hold, so please insist on seeing the policy document if in any doubt.

Temperature and natural light.

Moving on to the tiled conservatory roof cost in  Leicester. What will be the most important things to consider before taking the plunge and converting your roof? A big consideration must be the light levels you will experience afterwards.

Removing the glazing from a roof and replacing with a solid alternative naturally reduces the available light in the conservatory, so really needs to be thought about carefully and if natural light is important in that it supplies an adjacent dimly lit room with no windows, then the completely solid roof would effect the feel of the adjacent room and may make it less light.

A further consideration would be the temperature of the conservatory in the months when the sun isn’t blazing.

Your conservatory sees more of the colder months than it does the summer months, in all probability, two thirds of the year are less than comfortable temperatures and the conservatory becomes the forgotten place and shut down until the following month of May.

An insulated, tiled roof on your conservatory can make the world of difference to the potential use of the space and with a small heat source in there, it will feel like the rest of the house and be a really pleasant place to be and enjoy 365 days of the year.

Velux skylights

Roof glazing or Velux openers could be installed to increase light levels and be positioned in areas where light is important and in the case of inset glazing panels, they can be manufactured to nearly any shape and configuration to really open up the space but at the same time, keeping the solid roof aesthetic. Velux windows do have the added advantage of being opened if required to increase ventilation with added security but the available sizes are restrictive and need to be fitted in a rectangular/ portrait orientation.

 Grey tiled conservatory roof with Velux windows

Hybrid roofs that incorporate bespoke glazing panels and tiles give the best of both worlds for a house that really needs the natural light. To see an example of inset glazing panels on a tiled conservatory roof conversion, please follow this link: Bespoke Inset glazing and Tapco tiles

South facing garden

If you are fortunate enough to have full south-facing garden, then light is unlikely to be too much of an issue, even on the gloomier days of January and February.

With a tiled conservatory roof cost, you can realistically expect to lose 5-10% of natural light on an overcast day.

If the conservatory walls are heavily glazed and the sun is shining, you may not really notice a difference at all and if you have a wall that has opaque glazing or is close to a neighbours fence, then it might be an idea to consider blocking this off at the same time as getting the roof converted.

A simple timber stud frame can be constructed, insulated and then plaster boarded prior to being plastered. It can even be strengthened to allow a TV mount or bracket to be installed once complete, after all, you will now have a new wall and the function of the room has greatly improved and can be used throughout the days and years.

LED lighting.

That’s natural light covered so we move onto artificial light and primarily LED lighting. Once the sun has gone down, you will require lighting of some description if you are to continue using the conservatory into the night.

Recessed LED downlights are a great choice and can be integrated LED panels or removable GU10 bulbs. It is worth noting at this point that this style of lighting can sometimes give the feeling of being in a fishbowl, particularly if the conservatory is overlooked by neighbouring properties and some might find this slightly uncomfortable.

Inside a tiled conservatory

To go someway to alleviate this would be to install a dimmable, LED specific switch and warm white bulbs. This gives user control over the amount of light you want and allows an ambient atmosphere that would benefit from the addition of well placed floor or table lamps to increase localised lighting.

A tiled conservatory roof cost in Northampton with controllable lighting really is a nice place to eat, entertain or just relax.


So, in a nutshell, if you are being quoted £260 a square metre for your tiled conservatory roof cost in Leicester I would proceed with caution and do your due diligence. I would expect the average price to be between £345-£450 for a conversion of existing roof frame and a plastered finish with LED’s and VAT included.

Tapco or Metrotile.

Tapco are the more expensive of the two common types of lightweight tiles used and I would expect a quote stating Tapco tile fitment to be higher than one with Metrotile specified. Another reason why the tiled conservatory roof cost might be higher than another quote.

£450 a sqm upwards would nearly always mean a new roof fitment or work being quoted on projects in the South and South East.

Should you require a free, no obligation quote or just some advice please send us an email to [email protected] or call us on: 0116 2910049.

We are one of the few companies that are happy to quote based on the sizes you give to us without needing to see your conservatory first.

If you like the price, we then arrange to come over and confirm measurements, take some photos etc. then send over a formal quotation by email for you to look over and accept if you want to go ahead with us.

So what does a tiled conservatory roof cost in Leicester?

Well, with us you will pay an all inclusive square meterage cost of £555 for a bespoke timber tiled conservatory roof cost of which you can learn more about over here

Lean to tiled conservatory roof

For that you get Tapco slate effect tiles, two levels of insulation, foil backed plasterboard, LED downlights, new fascia and guttering, a plastered finish, a 10 year insurance backed guarantee and [email protected]% included.

All glass or poly carbonate and external plastics are removed and taken away from site.

Naturally, Velux or bespoke glazing requirements would attract an additional cost.

No hard sell tactics, no commission hungry salesman, just a professional, first class service from start to finish. So for a tiled conservatory roof cost in Leicester and Northampton, please give us a call.

So if you would like to know how much a tiled conservatory roof costs within Leicester and Leicestershire in areas such as Wigston, Coalville, Oadby, Uppingham, Market Harborough, Countesthorpe, Narborough, Church Langton, Markfield, Kibworth, East Goscote, Melton Mowbray, Sileby, Hinckley, Lutterworth, Broughton Astley, Thurnby, Blaby, Loughborough, etc but would like to know how much a tiled conservatory roof will cost in Northampton and Northamptonshire, Derby and Debyshire and Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, just get in touch and let us see if we can help.

We sometimes make exceptions, so give us a try if you live a bit further afield if you are happy with the tiled conservatory roof cost. Maybe you are also interested in giving your kitchen a refurb, if so then take a look at this for a cost-effective way to update your kitchen and understand kitchen respray Leicester.

Thanks for reading.

So if after reading that, a tiled conservatory roof cost isn’t what you were after, then please take a look at Upvc spraying if you are interested in changing the look of your windows or doors for a fraction of the cost of replacement in case that is what you really want! 😉

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