What is a conservatory with a tiled roof?

In short, its a glazed extension so it’s really important to consider a conservatory with a tiled roof when thinking about updating your home.

When you need more space downstairs and you have a conservatory, then in most cases it’s the best upgrade to choose.

A few upgrades  to your conservatory including upvc window spraying , a tiled conservatory roof, some new LED’s and new furniture and TV, the space will feel totally different.

Small conservatory with a grey tiled roof.
Grey Tapco slate tiles

A solid conservatory roof conversion will increase the heat retention massively during the colder months- making it a much more inviting place to sit.

But the summer months will be much more bearable too!

With U Values as low as 0.15wk *, a solid conservatory roof is as efficient as it is good looking.

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* Environmental and climatic considerations will have an effect on the actual thermal performance.