A conservatory can be a fantastic addition to your home, making the perfect place to entertain friends, watch television, relax and unwind.

But during the winter months you may find your conservatory will often be way too cold and feel like your inside  a freezer rather than your conservatory.

First of all you need to identify the cause of the problem, which 9 out of 10 times will be due to your conservatory having the old style polycarbonate roof 

that lacks proper insulation, letting the warm air from your heating system 

escape easily through the roof of your conservatory.

How to make your conservatory warmer?

By replacing the roof of your conservatory with a quality conservatory roof 

system you can enjoy a comfortable conservatory living space all year round.

Having a new conservatory roof will save you money on heating bills in the winter and does not require any electricity, making it environmentally friendly.

A quality conservatory roof comes with superior insulation properties that ensure your conservatory stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Conservatory Roof Options

A New Glass Conservatory Roof

Why not replace the roof on your existing conservatory with specially madehigh quality glass, a popular way of improving your conservatory that ensures both temperature control and UV protection.

All our glass conservatory roof systems have a solar control coating that reflects heat from the sun and reduces UV radiation.

A new glass conservatory roof system will stop your conservatory getting too hot in summertime and also has superb insulation keeping you warm in the winter.

Replacing your conservatory roof with a new glass roof will give you a garden room you can enjoy in any weather, 365 days of the year!

A New Tiled Conservatory Roof

Replace your conservatory roof with a beautiful new tiled roof system, the ever popular way of keeping your conservatory a comfortable temperature, even in the summer. 

Like many of our valued customers already know, we use only the very best 

quality materials including the finest lightweight tiled systems with cutting edgeTapco technology that combines both UV protection and excellent insulation properties.

Our beautiful new tiled roof systems are the ultimate way to transform your 

outdated polycarbonate roofed conservatory into a fabulous living space.

Ultraframe Conservatory Roof

Ultraframe are the UK’s number 1 bespoke conservatory roof manufacturer offering a variety of stunning conservatory roof systems including:

  • The UltraRoof380 Tiled Roof

  • Quantal Aluminium Roof System

  • UltraSky Rooflight System

  • The LivinROOF Replacement Conservatory Roof System

Ultraframe conservatory roofing systems feature cutting edge technology, 

sleek design, BBA (British Board of Agreement) accreditation and a life expectancy of at least 25 years.

Considered to be the best conservatory roof systems available, Ultraframe 

often support and advise the industry on innovative methods for building conservatories and also provide extensive information to homeowners who wish to add an Ultraframe conservatory to their home.

Want a warmer conservatory?

Make the most of your existing conservatory with our great selection of new 

conservatory roofs, helping you enjoy your conservatory in comfort all year round.

Contact Conservatory Roof Systems for more information on replacing your existing conservatory roof today!