Here we have a few tips  to help you transform your conservatory into a beautiful extension to your home:

Well folks it’s winter time once again and as the cold weather comes in I’m going to share with you a few ideas to make your conservatory warm and inviting.

If your not lucky enough to be jetting off to warmer climates this time of year, then you can take a few easy steps to transform your conservatory into a charming and cosy retreat.

Create your very own getaway place with with our guide here….

1. Comfortable Seating: 

Nothing is more relaxing than simply putting your feet up after a hard day!

A comfortable sofa or maybe some cushioned wicker chairs in your conservatory will help you enjoy your conservatory. 

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2. Beautiful Flowers: 

Its amazing to see what a difference a nice bunch of flowers can make to a room.

Flowers have the power to alter your mood and make you smile – because lets face it, everybody likes flowers!

Adding some to your conservatory will add colour, fragrance and compliment your interior design. 

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3. Plants:

Adding a few plants will create a welcoming environment for your conservatory.

It will also increase the amount of fresh oxygen available in your home with many health benefits for all the family. 

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4. Interior Design:

Interior design doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Simple steps like choosing the right colour paint, wallpaper or lighting for your conservatory will make all the difference when looking to create the perfect room.

Opt for a more neutral colour like cream or white. 

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